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God is fully invested in your healing and so are we! Welcome to, the new frontier of grace-based life coaching, proudly powered by The Grace Message. Our mission is to provide fast, affordable, and Christ-centered coaching that meets you where you are, whether you’re an individual or a couple.
Skip the red tape and scheduling hassles – with just a few clicks, you can choose your coach, set an appointment, and begin your journey toward personal growth and healing. It’s never been easier to access the support you need. Explore the world of Christian coaching with us today and discover the transformative power of grace.

Karla Pitts

With nearly 30 years of experience, Karla Pitts excels in fostering loving, close connections, inspired by God's vision. Specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy, she adeptly guides distressed couples to rediscover each other. If you face personal, family, or relationship struggles, Karla can lead you towards a life of deeper dependence on Jesus Christ.
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Scott Hadden

With 45 years in ministry coaching, Dr. Scott Hadden offers a wealth of Scriptural knowledge and a gentle, encouraging approach. His commitment to Christ's grace and mercy shines through in his work, making him a guiding light for those seeking spiritual and personal growth.
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Donald Campbell

Donald Campbell, a 10-year veteran counselor, and teacher, specializes in Christ-centered, grace-based guidance for various life struggles including difficult relationships, depression, addictions, and trauma. He is dedicated to helping individuals embrace Jesus Christ's presence in their daily lives, offering support through grief and life's trials.
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Jan Mugele

Jan Mugele's extensive Christian coaching experience brings compassion to life's challenges. Committed to Christ-centered principles, she aids individuals and families in their healing journey. Embrace a faith-enriched life with Jan.
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Debi Finklea

Debi Finklea guides women towards a life of joy and freedom in Christ-centered living. With her compassionate approach, she creates a safe space for women to find clarity, purpose, and healing in God's love, embarking on a journey of heartfelt transformation.
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Stephanie Felts

Stephanie Felts, with a background in EMS and youth ministry, discovered the sufficiency of Christ for all life’s needs through Biblical Coaching. A counselor for 9 years, a homeschooling mother, and a wife of 35 years, she offers practical, Christ-centered solutions for life’s challenges.
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Charles Finklea

With 20 years of experience, Charles Finklea offers grace-based, Christ-centered coaching to individuals, adolescents, and couples. His warm, understanding, and accepting approach fosters a journey towards clarity, transformation, and relief in life’s challenges.
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Judy Ervien

Judy Ervien, with years of Christian coaching, nurtures spiritual and emotional well-being. Her grace and Scripture-based approach offer guidance for individuals and couples. Discover strength and clarity through faith with Judy.
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Kim Anderson

Blending Biblical coaching with naturopathic medicine, Kim Anderson nurtures healing in spirit, soul, and body. With 35 years of marriage and experience as a mother, she combines her vast knowledge and personal insights to guide others towards holistic wellness.
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After finishing The Grace Course, I feel like my life is just beginning. is a safe place to discover how to navigate your struggle. Let us help you move from pain to peace.